Saturday, February 2, 2013

Monterey Park Lunar Festival

Just got back from the MPK Lunar festival.

Man, it was crowded.  But we brought our dog, which, I don't know, made it more crowded?  People seemed to like her.

Also cool to see so many families and old people out.  Yes, there were a lot of Chinese people, but no, I was not the only white person there.

On another note, I'll probably start using this website more as a daily journal than anything serious.

So I should probably update my profile, and maybe change the name of the blog to something like "Klaus Varley in the SGV."

KV in the SGV?

We'll see.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Take Out Dim Sum

I went to a take-out dim sum place today called Dim Sum Express for a late lunch.

It was good. Big pieces. Pork buns, turnip cake, the real deal. Check it out if you're ever in Monterey Park:

Dim Sum Express Yelp Page

On an unrelated note, I need to update this site more.



Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog from the Appalachian Trail (AT)

Hey Hikers,

If you want to read a blog of someone on the Appalachian Trail - I mean, he's on it RIGHT NOW - check out Teddy Nutmeg's Tired, Wed, Dirty and Happy

He only blogs once in a while - because he's hiking! - but when he does, man, there's some good stuff there.

It makes me feel pretty goddamn lazy...but also thankful to be inside.

And not have a boil.



Monday, July 18, 2011

Facebook Launches Search Engine to Compete with Google

Somewhere in the interwebs...

Reuters (and other hard-to-pronounce news services) are reporting* today that Facebook has entered the search engine world with the unveiling of Fook, the Facebook search engine.

"It's not so much a 'search engine' per say, as it is a tool to connect people with information on the internet," said Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerburg, hands still bloodied from decapitating a chicken earlier in the day.

When asked what differentiated the new search engine from Google or Bing, Zuckerberg was a bit more cagey.

"I basically took a close look at both of those designs, then took the idea that these two twin Olympic rowers had, and meshed them into a totally original concept unlike anything seen before on the internet."

Critics, initially skeptical, remembered that Zuckerberg was a billionaire and declared the project a success.

Online articles that attempted a sliver of objectivity concerning the launch of the new search engine have also flocked to Zuckerberg's corner, with the recent announcement by Zuckerberg that he will give money to websites that praise the new search engine, and bash his competitors.

Google responded by being really lame, as always.

Use Fook. It's really cool.




* The term "reporting" in this context** should be understood as "not reporting."
** The context being that this entire article is fabricated, of course.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Script Doctor Eric's Screenwriting Podcast

I've been listening to Script Doctor Eric's screenwriting podcast - Scriptcast. Some funny stuff there.

If you're into screenwriting, check it out - Scriptcast - A Screenwriting Podcast

If you hate movies and life, you may want to skip it.

I admit ignorance to the podcasts that are out there. If you know of some good ones, please let me know.

Yeah, yeah, I know This American Life. OTHER good ones, please.



Monday, July 4, 2011

Top 5 Funnest Activities for 4th of July

Top 5 Funnest Activities for 4th of July

1. Hanging out by the pool with shirt on while watching the girls who made a conscious effort to stay in shape for the summer prance around in swimsuits. Good work, ladies.
2. Beer.
3. BBQ.
4. Fireworks.
5. Ignoring American History and pretending that our country WASN'T founded by a bunch of slave-owning aristocrats who didn't want to pay taxes.

Yeah, they loved freedom. The freedom to own other people.

Pass the Ruffles.

I mean, Happy 4th!


Monday, June 27, 2011

MySpace is Dead

Long live MySpace.

No, it's dead, actually. Why do people say "Long live?"

I could look this up.

With a few clicks.

But I won't. Because then there wouldn't be much to post about.

Man, I'm hungry.

This is the worst post ever.

It's tough updating every week. I'm not sure if I should...

Back to my original point - MySpace is still around, but I'm not sure anyone uses it.

I was on MySpace the other day, and man, it is STILL full of ads and a bunch of other B.S. You'd think they'd get their act together...

But, I guess not.

Does anyone still use MySpace?


Sorry for this post.


Monday, June 20, 2011

DJ Octoon's Unsigned Music Blog

This is another post about our links, explaining them, etc.

I feel like most college radio stations should specialize in unsigned music, but it seems like they don't.

DJ Octoon is a UCLA Radio DJ who plays only unsigned music.

So, if you're an unsigned artist, or you are sleeping with an unsigned artists, tell them about DJ Octoon's show and blog.

That's it.

Other posts coming soon.

I swear.

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